Spontech Podcast Series:

TaylorMade Golf

Ryan Lauder, Director of Consumer Engagement at TaylorMade Golf joins the Hookit Spontech Podcast this episode to chat about his 20+ year career in Sports Marketing, how he connects Sports Marketing to Product and the other parts of Marketing at TaylorMade.

Ryan talks about:

  • The importance of matching the target audience to the right content and messaging
  • Investing time and energy into social platforms that receive the most ROI
  • How TaylorMade determines which engagement metrics drive the most value
  • Using engagement metrics to benchmark athletes and competitors for ongoing strategies

"I think that the main challenge is still getting the measurement aspect and understanding what’s working and what’s not working. We use a lot of our social analytics tools to understand what kind of content people like based on their interaction and engagement with it."
Ryan Lauder
Director of Consumer Engagement