Spontech Podcast Series:

New Balance

Ian Fitzpatrick, Head of Global Content and Digital Marketing at New Balance joins the Hookit Spontech Podcast this episode to chat about his role at New Balance and how they are using social media metrics and data to drive content marketing strategies with both athletes and partners.

Ian talks about:

  • The importance of creating content that tells a cohesive global brand story
  • Strategically utilizing athletes for various points along the sales and marketing funnel by playing to their strengths
  • How New Balance determines the total value of published content by looking at such metrics as:
    • Adjusted Ad Value
    • Click Value
    • Attributable Revenue and Attributable Sales

"…we’re beginning to get to a place where we can understand the ROI on content and the ROI on storytelling, whether that’s told by us, by our athletes, or by our partners. Being able to have one measure allows us to effectively evaluate content through the same lens which allows us to move our dollars to the places where it creates the most value."
Ian Fitzpatrick
Head of Global Content and Digital Marketing