Welcome to Hookit! Want to learn more about how the new Instagram Data Policy changes will affect the sports community and your sponsorship intelligence? Download our white paper and learn how you can mitigate the effects of the updates.

Here's what's at stake:

  • $13B - the value that sports properties drove for their sponsoring brands in 2017 on Instagram

  • 85% of all social engagements around the Olympics happened on Instagram

  • 11.3M - the number of likes on the most popular post on Instagram in 2017

  • 4.7B - the number of engagements Bleacher Report drove on Instagram in 2017

Our fundamental goal as a company is to paint a complete picture of the value the entire sports community generates. Our commitment to sports and its impact is unwavering and we’re committed to stay ahead of these changes. We will stay at the cutting edge of sponsorship measurement and work closely with the platforms to get the right data to capture the real value of sports sponsorship.

What's your sponsorship worth?

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